Resolvet Resolve Skin Support Spray 32 oz


RESOLVE is an antimicrobial spray for bacterial and fungal skin infections.

An essential product for every horse owner, Resolve spray is a handy antimicrobial that works in all conditions (wet, dry or even dirty areas) to bond with the skin and hasten recovery time. Perfect for rain rot, ringworm, thrush or scratches, there is no need to pick at or remove scabs to be effective. Resolve combats skin infections by chemically disrupting the cell walls of the bacteria or fungus causing the problem. This makes it very hard for bacteria/fungus to develop a resistance to the product, so anytime to you need to sort out pesky skin infections, Resolve will work over and over again! Resolve will not sting, burn or irritate your horse's skin. It has been thoroughly tested for banned substances, and is Clean Sport certified.

Directions for use: Apply generously as often as necessary to treat skin until healing is evident. It is not necessary to shampoo, remove scabs or clip hair to be effective in treating bacterial and fungal skin infections. Additional recommendations for common skin infections include…

  • Rain Rot: Saturate affected areas once daily until healing is evident, then apply twice weekly until problem is completely eliminated.
  • Ringworm: Saturate affected areas daily for 5 days, then apply every third day for 4-6 treatments.
  • Thrush: Clean hoof area of dirt & debris so Resolve can reach affected tissue. Apply once daily until problem is eliminated.

Active ingredients: Bardac® 2080, Barquat™ MB-80, chlorhexidine and a humectant to keep skin moist.

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Resolvet Resolve Skin Support Spray 32 oz
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