Veterinary Specialty Pharmacy

What does it mean to specialize? It’s a focus. A passion. A desire to have such deep expertise in an area, that you have no equal. Hagyard specializes in veterinary pharmacy. Large animals. Small animals. Only animals. We compound no medication intended for human health. We’re committed to serving only veterinary markets. Which is why veterinarians refer their clients to Hagyard more than any other specialty pharmacy in the U.S. And why owners of some of the most elite animals in the world come to us.

Because we understand how special these magnificent creatures are. Whether we own them, or treat them, or both, they hold a special place in our lives. They cause our spirits to soar when they are healthy and vibrant. And they cause our hearts to ache when they are in distress. So when the case is complex… when the condition is uncertain… and when the anxiety is high, more owners and veterinarians trust one specialty pharmacy to customize medications and to help their animals to do more than just feel better – to help them, thrive. Hagyard Pharmacy. Specializing in animals. Focusing on outcomes.

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